Dr. Kim Brandford

How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve known and worked with half your life? It’s not easy, some days are good and others, not so much. But what we’re trying our hardest to do right now, is remember all the great times and laughs we shared together. For instance when Stefan worked with us, he and Kim were carrying a big dog outside to the kennels on the stretcher, he tripped over some boxes and started to fall in slow motion which caused Kim to slowly drop her end as well because she couldn’t keep it together long enough to even see if he was OK because she was in hysterics and on the ground as well. Quite often we had a good laugh at the clinic as Kim loved nothing more than a good joke and laugh to brighten up the day.

Kim had a good instinct for both the animals and even for us, she always knew when something wasn’t right even if she couldn’t put her finger on it right away and she would always say is it just me or “so n so” Isn’t right today? And she had such a strong will to get to the bottom of it and always went the extra mile to make sure her patients, clients and we were OK. Kim will be missed dearly and will be forever in our hearts at the clinic due to her constant drilling of having things in order, and the memories and good laughs which helped us through the craziest and busiest days which we have often. Her love for animals was enormous but she would always say being a Vet isn’t easy because they can’t talk to say what’s wrong so sometimes it can be tough, but her determination in making sure the animal went home healthy and happy to be with their family was what she loved the most and this is a reminder of how dedicated and caring Kim was.

Dr. Kim was loved by many because of her love and affection for her patients and clients. I find myself wishing that in some way, she could fully appreciate how much respect, admiration and outright gratitude there was for her in this world, I don’t know that anyone ever knows how many lives they have touched or the good that they have done. We imagine that you are comforted there and surrounded by the countless fur babies you helped over the years. We the staff at The Veterinary Clinic will continue to carry out all that Dr Kim has instilled in us over the years and we offer our heartfelt condolences to Bernard, Kyle and Dillon whom she talked about often and loved dearly, I know you will continue to make her proud! May you fly free and find peace Dr Kim, we miss you dearly!