Holiday Foods and Plants Pets Should AvoidWe indulge in a lot of holiday and Christmas treats, but these foods can be trouble for our pets! Many of our common holiday foods cause digestive problems that can become serious, so read below on some of the items your pet should avoid.

Grapes & Raisins
It is unknown what exactly makes grapes toxic to dogs, but the fruit can have varying levels of toxicity. Furthermore, individual dogs vary in their tolerance so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Rich, Fatty Foods
A lot of our holiday meals include rich or fatty dishes which taste great, but they can wreak havoc on a pet’s digestive system. These foods can even result in pancreatitis.

It’s important not to leave open containers or punch bowls where pets can reach them. Intoxication can cause seizures and various other health problems so make sure there are no party animals!

Chocolate and Xylitol
Everybody knows chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but the sugarless sweetener Xylitol is less known. It is used in a variety of sugarless candies and gums, so don’t let your pet ingest them.

It may be tempting to share bones from meat dishes with your pets, but these bones can splinter and cause serious damage to your pets esophagus and stomach.

Holiday bouquets sometimes include flowers that are poisonous to pets like lillies, holly, and mistletoe. If you have these plants, make sure they can’t be ingested by your pets.

Christmas Trees
Brightly decorated Christmas Trees are beautiful, but they can be a hazard if not properly secured. Stabilize your tree so that it’s unable to be knocked over by curious pets.

Holiday scented potpourris can contain spices and oils that are toxic to pets when ingested. As an alternative, use non-toxic scented candles kept out of paw’s reach.

Cats love the holiday decoration known as tinsel, often playing with it and carrying it in their mouths. When swallowed it can result in obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting, and dehydration.